egil_belshevic (egil_belshevic) wrote,

Англоязычные мативаторы.

     Как правило, уйня, лучше смотрящаяся без подписей..    Отсюда.
MEALS ON WHEELS - because in Shanghai all you need is a scooter and some chickens.

I'm sorry - I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am

What to do in Oregon in case of a nuclear attack.

Chuck Norris - He counted to infinity - twice
    Отвечу своей версией подписи: "До Чака Нориса это было кольцом Всевластья..."

False pregnancy - all the mammals can have it

Birds - Steal their food, they'll give you shit.

Africa - F*ck yeah

Women Drivers - it's cute when you try to do man things.

Alien vS PREDATOR - The Battle Continues...
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