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Speaking Latvian

Не рекомендую и впрямь пытаться это произносить в указанной версии :

Mr. Gordonsky"s . . . . . . . . Riga Dichshoonary 2006.

An ashtray- Pel-Newt.rauchs.
Apple pie- Ah"bul-do Piir,aks.
Are those fake?- Why tass earwill-toy-youms!?
Beer- ah-loose.
Bread- May-ze.
Cool- For she
Dark\Light- Thum-shh\Guy"ish.
Great Oaks from little acorns grow- Lee-ally waz, ui,alich aoug nouah mazam zee.Lem.
Girl- M18 (maytene)
Boy- puke-Ahhh (puika)
Hello- Svay-kee.
How much?- tS"ick tass mak"sah?
I am a woodworm- E"s ass"mo Koo-a-Koo T"arps.
I don"t know where I live- Es ney-zinu kur es zee-voy-uh.
I feel like a cobblestone- Es uz-has kah brud-jak-mens.
I have a black belt in Karate- Man or melon, a" use to carrot tea.
I love you- S" the "Vee Mea"loo.
I like you, Buy me a drink- To man, pat teets=>Yooh! Shouts man
In a pig"s ear- t"Sue" Kas auh-sea.
Is this a Forrest?- Vhy tas ear mesh.
It"s a narrow road- T"as ear showers sell shhhh!.
It"s red & tasty- Das ear sar"cunts un Gar-Sheaks.
Latvia- LA"tve.
Light my fire- Yay! Dead zany man.
My name is Sue, how do u do?- Money saw-woods, caught Ev yet?
OK- LaBi.
Please- Loo,d,zoo.
Please may I fondle your buttocks?- Vhy es loo,d,zoo var-at-t"u pag-loud-it Usu pak-ah-lynn-You.
Smells like fish- Smer"D pet"s zee-vim.
Snow is white- Sneck"s ear balts.
Thank you- Pal-dies.
U play tonsil hockey?- Vy tu gree-bea, Noah-suck-this?
What"s your name?- Kah tev"E sou-Tits.
When?- KAD?
Where is the beach?- Kur ear plud-male..
Where?- KUR?
Who?- Kas- Kursh/Kura
Yes\no- Ya\neah
You have beautiful eyes- Theo ear sky"stos art"sis.
1- Vie-ence.
2- Dee-Vee
3- Trees
4- Cet,ree
5- Peat,zee
6- Say-shee
7- Sep,tene
8- Ass-stune
9- Dev-Enne
10- Des-mit
100- Sims
1000- Tux-Toats
69- Sesh.des mit,dev in-job.
Tags: english, jumor, latyshskij, perevody

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